A series of stone, steel and glass pavilions by architect Daniel Piechota nestle into a rugged, rocky Napa Valley hillside.  The placement of the buildings creates a range of landscape spaces including intimate courtyards, living roofs, and expansive terraces that overlook distant valleys and woodlands.

The clients requested a ‘new’ Napa Valley garden that was a direct response to the site.

The designed landscape is anchored by a series of elongated granite slabs and carefully arranged Pistache trees. The broad design ’strokes’ link the more civilized landscape to the existing wild woodland and the valley views beyond.

Large sweeps of indigenous grasses, groundcovers, and shrubs thrive in the extreme seasonal temperatures typical of the region.  The stone was sculpted by local artisan Edwin Hamilton who masterfully anchored the ground plane with boulders and the distinct pathways we designed.

A strong vision for the overall landscape threads the various areas together into one artful fabric that is visually consistent with the natural environment.