This coastal home is nestled amidst silvery, windswept olive orchards and undulating waves of sand colored Meadow grasses. Located between the city’s urban edge and the rolling coastal foothills, the landscape program integrates native meadow restoration, olive orchards, edible gardens, water catchment systems and animal husbandry, all grounded in a modern ranch aesthetic of rural California.

The built landscape elements forge a dialogue between the native landscape and the functional farm and include a rich palette of rammed earth, natural stone, reclaimed wood, corten steel, gravel, and smooth concrete. The bands of grasses embrace the architecture and olive orchards function as a welcome visual buffer from the surrounding urban context. The barn is directly connected to an herb-vegetable garden, goat paddocks, and a chicken coop. Each element is woven into a fabric with ties to a rich local history and deep connection to the land.

Concrete water tanks storing precious rainwater for irrigation are enveloped in vibrant grapes and roses. Stone and steel basins intercept overflow from the rooftops and disperse storm water into the orchards. The earth was carefully sculpted to deflect prevailing winds from the intimate seating spaces and all appears as one effortless move in concert with the gently rolling meadows. Function is celebrated in a modern expression in its purest form.

This rigorous collaboration with William McDonough + Partners resulted in a rich interplay between contemporary architecture, a working home farm, and the ever-changing coastal landscape. The outcome is a nod to the timeless quality of honest materials that strike a perfect balance within this windswept natural environment.

This project was the recipient of a 2022 National ASLA Honor Award.