A steeply sloping site in the hills of San Francisco provided the canvas to create a boldly textured hillside garden. This tightly orchestrated home by Feldman Architecture appears to float amidst the rich vegetation that is punctuated with stone and wood hardscape moments to create livable spaces.

Thoughtfully crafted stone walls, steps and free flowing pavers by mason Edwin Hamilton create terraces and provide a thread that visually links the distinct landscape spaces into a cohesive composition. An integrated timber bench and daybed are directly in view outside the kitchen with a backdrop of soft foliage, and ceramic containers overflow with vibrant foliage and flowers. This functional deck space creates a level plane to connect the indoor and outdoor living spaces and conceals a custom spa area beneath tucked into the hillside for a moment of respite in the city. The foliage of Maples, Yellow Wood, Mountain Flax, Bear’s Breech, and Japanese Pachysandra create a leafy abundance to this lush garden.